The time has come where you breathe and feel love everywhere. February 14 is a day of universal celebration where the love, friendship, romanticism and the best feelings of the human being are on fire and invite to demonstrate and celebrate this date.

Like other important dates like Christmas or Mother’s Day, all brands want to grab as many customers as possible with their campaigns. That is why we offer below some infallible tips for your campaigns to provide a different, current, motivating and happy message:

  1. Use a message that evokes love but in a novel way: customers are already tired and overwhelmed with messages with typical hearts and interlaced cups. These images, although they have a connection directly with Valentine do not bring surprise or catch the attention. Get out of your comfort zone, and look for current issues and do not be afraid to use the ideas that bring us the realities that we encounter every day in our society regarding love and friendship.
  2. Invite your client to share: Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to launch campaigns on social networks with special offers to those who share your content, or invite friends and acquaintances to join. You can offer a tempting prize, a special dinner or a big discount. Send your idea to all your followers with a flashy and fun message.
  3. Remember that singles also celebrate: At present there are many people who for various reasons, values or frequent breaks are single and living a happy life. That is why we invite you to contemplate them in your campaigns of marketing and advertising in Valentine and offer irresistible alternatives to celebrate a magical night.
  4. Make innovative and funny campaigns that connect with your target audience: Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to sell, but it is also conducive to strengthen ties with your customers and increase loyalty with your brand. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to create innovative, out-of-the-ordinary campaigns that connect you with your audience, for example, invite them to tell you their funniest Valentine stories, their biggest role in a romantic date, their worst Gift, or experiences that identify us all and allow us to laugh at less pleasant moments.
  5. Take advantage of the date to greet your customers and strengthen ties: customers are people and as such they like the friendly treatment and with good intentions. Send your audience a compilation of music, tips to celebrate Valentine with their boy or girl, or simply a special greeting and you will be very grateful.

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