The use of Social Media as part of digital strategies has become a daily and vital thing for the pursuit of success in marketing campaigns. However, although it is no longer a novelty, we continue making errors that go against the success of our management.

We must remember that doing Social Media actions does not only mean sending tweets, placing photos on Instagram and posting articles on Facebook. If you make good use of the networks and the WEB you can increase traffic to your site in a drastic way, increase the consumption of your customers, and create brand ambassadors that generate positive publicity by word of mouth throughout the web. Do you want a good Social Media strategy? Note the following mistakes you should not make:

  1. Believing that Social Media is the weakest part of the strategy: ERROR, it is totally wrong to think that social networks are weak, therefore, in a world where most people are connected and those who are not looking for being connected. We cannot detract from the trend of social networks.
  2. Focus only on networks: we already know the importance of the use of social networks, as we pointed out before, but it is not the only subject in which we work. A Social Media strategy should be planned in its entirety, considering the communicational factors and the options of arrival by other digital means like the blogs and mainly the corporate website.
  3. To think that it is the use of Social Media is easy: work in social networks is not easy, although it seems so, if you do not study the target audience, their interests and common interests with the company, efforts can be useless. Knowing the customer a little more and especially what we are trying to attract, is a primary task, before starting a strategy.
  4. Ignore the competition: Some say that knowing the competition is having part of the battle won, although it is not totally true, it is undoubtedly important to understand what the competitors are doing and what they offer to your potential customers or target audience. Keeping a recurring visit to the competition website and frequenting your accounts on social networks, will help you to learn from them, know the good things they are doing, and most importantly, learn from their mistakes and improve them.
  5. Lack of Knowledge: nowadays, anyone knows how to basically handle social networks, but knowledge of all that Social Media implies, should be given to subject experts.

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