As the ideal formula for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, is now known as Guerrilla Marketing. According to marketing experts, this type of strategy aims to make a profit with a lower investment, where the main thing is to know the customer, their interests and make them identify themselves with the product.

Guerrilla marketing takes as its main element the creativity of each brand and advertising agency to excel in non-conventional media, which can make use of technologies that make the action more relevant in the public and therefore remindable. Brands such as Coca-Cola or Nivea have carried out guerrilla marketing activities that have awakened the consumer’s intrigue, made it part of the activity and hooked with the brand, thanks to the innovative features of the campaigns.

This demonstrates the great opportunity that small and medium-sized companies have to excel in the market with the use of war marketing strategies and has a greater amount of consumer interaction and therefore commitment.

Prezi site data assures that the use of guerrilla marketing by small and medium-sized companies, favors its innovative projection in the market and enhances its creative characteristics. Meanwhile, Pymerang says that tactics become more relevant in SMEs when emphasis is placed on the low cost of war marketing activities.

Definitely in today’s times, entrepreneurs who want to make an initial impact on the public, have to appeal to creativity, the novel and interesting forms offered by the aforementioned type of marketing to make their product known.

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