On International Women’s Day, Nator media wants to exalt their creative work in the world, presenting the 5 most influential ladies on advertising, according to a study of the website «Business Insider» of the year 2014. Here they are:

  • Joanna Monteiro, Creative VP at FCB São Paulo

In 2014, Joanna Monteiro and her FCB São Paulo team created «The Protection Ad» for Nivea, a piece that starts off as a printed advertisement, to function as a reusable wristband that can keep track of your children for a day at the Beach, or anywhere else you want. The user first downloads the application and then can follow your child’s movements. This idea won a Grand Prix Mobile and a Gold Media Lion in Cannes this year.



  • Katie Brinkworth, Copywriter at Pereira & O’Dell San Francisco

Katie Brinkworth worked on the Skype campaign «Stay Together,» which has more than 2.5 million hits on YouTube. One of the most touching places brought together two teenagers, both born without a full left arm, who had never met and used Skype to keep in touch. Work that won a cyber Cannes Lion and branded content Lio.




  • Becky Swanson, Creative director at Leo Burnett

Becky Swanson was part of a global team that launched «Like A Girl» for Always in 2014, a video that earned 30 million hits on YouTube in less than two weeks. The campaign portrays the fact that girls often experience a great loss of confidence as they go through puberty.




  • Julia Neumann, Freelance creative director and copywriter

Julia Neumann joined DDB New York to create an inspirational video, Bucket List, for Water is Life. The campaign illustrates the story of a young Kenyan. The idea behind the announcement is that this guy has a five-chance to reach only up to 5 years of age because of his lack of access to clean drinking water. The piece won a Golden Lion at Cannes.



  • Sarah Watson, Head of strategy at BBH NY

In 2014, with Watson leading the way, BBH produced the award-winning «Perfect Day» for PlayStation 4. In addition it got an EFFIE by Cole Haan’s «Do not Go Home» outdoor campaign for Fashion Week.